Siga International 2019

2018, a year of evolution

It’s been an exciting year here at SIGA, one of re-grouping, transitioning and evolving. We made it our mission to welcome in a new dawn for our business this year, to redefine what it meant to operate and what that meant for our staff, business and retail partners as well as the brands we proudly represent.

One foot in the past, one in the future.

It was time for SIGA to modernize, to prepare and equip ourselves for the next generation in the market we call home. With that said, much of what we do, and many of whom we work with are steeped in tradition, so the aim was to keep an eye on the past as well as the future. Our legacy spans decades, so any building for the years to come had to first start with ensuring that SIGA 1.0 is as robust as ever, cementing our pathways of success that lead us to where we are today, ensuring they are as smooth and as strong as they have always been.

Siga International Suits


It was then time to start looking onward. First, we hope you would have noticed the fresh new look and feel to SIGA, with a fully reimagined brand. We opened up what we stood for, and what we wanted to say to create the expressions that truly represent who we are.

Next, we turned internally, to focus our operational enhancements on the increasing demands made by modern consumers and retailers. Building out our technical capabilities to better extend our reach, and capitalize on emerging markets more efficiently. With the everyday fashion shopper tipping the brick and mortar vs digital shopping scales ever more towards the latter, we have strived to make sure our analog services reflect bigger and better digitally, to meet and exceed the standards set by a market that by the day gets more personal, more mobile and more immediate.

The year of the suit?

The seasonality of menswear continues as the strong pillar of our market that keeps everyone on their toes, and 2018 saw big bright colours and the continual resurgence 90’s throwback threads dominating the world’s fashion stage at every level. We, however, noticed something else, something classier. Our success with Sondergaard, exclusive to The Bay, first brought to our attention the rising worldwide sales of tailored suit wear.

Contrary to reports of recent years, based partly on the increase of more relaxed work environments, the modern day millennial man is dressing up more. The direct-to-consumer fashion market – now with added suit – looks like the prime reason. Brands catching up to perhaps the last corner of the industry that was still stuck in the shop, realizing that the majority of people spending money, just like with their movies, their dinner, their taxis and apparently now their beds want things delivered straight to their home tomorrow at just the tap of a screen.

Our fleet

With such important transitions happening internally, we assured the same, signature quality of service and representation to our brands. With important placements for Bugatti’s core menswear and footwear lines in Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom as particular achievements this year.

Lambretta Siga Menswear distributor

Lambretta was part of some big industry news this year, being included in parent company Berwin & Berwin’s acquisition by Edinburgh Woolen Mill Group. This large move, including several other large Brands such as Austin Reed and Jaeger, saved all 800 jobs previously at risk.

Where you can find us in 2019

This year saw some incredible shows and 2019 is set to be another busy year with our team flying the flag for SIGA and our brands at various high profile events. In January and February, expect to find us at both the New York and Las Vegas legs of the Liberty Fair. Promising ‘the ultimate curation of forward-thinking brands, within an intimate and collaborative environment, pushing the boundaries of creativity and discovery’. Needless to say, we are hugely excited to bring our current collection (and possibly something…extra) to this excellent double offering of the world’s most revered industry names.

Siga Liberty Fairs

Liberty Fair New York – January 21 – 23 at Pier 94

Liberty Fair Las Vegas – February 5 – 7 at World Market Centre

As February continues, catch us at the amazing Chicago Collective with over 350 showcases from the world of men’s fashion, we will be there with Bruun & Stengade and Bugatti. Closer to home, we will be showing off Bugatti’s latest footwear at Toronto Shoe Show.

Chicago Collective – February 17-19 at Merchandise Mart

Toronto Shoe Show – February 20-22 at Toronto Congress Centre




Onwards and upwards

This year was all about establishing SIGA 2.0, to modernize internal operations, services, and processes, to meet the standards of the mobile market and ever-evolving retail landscape. Next year, we will continue to bring the brands we believe in North America and beyond, helping them reach the heights we see them at. On top of this, we will put our transitional work from the year into practice, building on new opportunities, harnessing the changes in the market and utilizing our improved capabilities to extend SIGA’s successes.

From everyone at SIGA, have a great holiday season and happy new year. We will see you in 2019!