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History of the Suit: Part 1

We know and understand suiting and work with brands that “get it”. For those in the industry, or those who can appreciate a good suit – this one is for you. The modern men’s suit which exists today was made possible by a fashion journey starting from over 400 years ago. Originally a traditional attire […]

Siga International 2019

2018, a year of evolution

It’s been an exciting year here at SIGA, one of re-grouping, transitioning and evolving. We made it our mission to welcome in a new dawn for our business this year, to redefine what it meant to operate and what that meant for our staff, business and retail partners as well as the brands we proudly […]

Campaign Launch for Bruun & Stengade, See What’s New!

It’s time. Bruun & Stengade SS18 is here and it looks so good. This year is all about the occasion, and making it yours. Making that entrance, turning heads, making an impact. Our line of stylish, light eveningwear is bound to make a sweat (all while keeping you cool) this summer. Check out the full line […]