Bruun & Stengade

True style should whisper, not shout

Inspired by the multicultural European lifestyle, Bruun and Stengade® was created in Denmark in 2004 – in the storied fairy tale author Hans Christian Anderson’s former home. Headquartered in Copenhagen, the brand’s main focus is to design and produce high-quality menswear, with a fashionable edge, at remarkably reasonable prices.

The Bruun and Stengade® philosophy is simple: exceptional value with no compromise. Whether it is quality, fashion, or fit, this brand strives to be the very best in the field. Every item is designed with care and affection that every man puts into his daily activities.

Notice the attention to detail: trim, stitching, buttons, and the contrast of explosive colours.

Bruun & Stengade: where the style of European flair meets the fabric of North American routine.

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