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From a Secret Admirer: Introducing Suitor

SIGA is excited to announce the latest men’s fashion brand added to our roster. We’re feeling quite fond of this innovative, fresh new menswear brand. Below, find a love letter that helps summarize what the brand is all about: – You‘ve looked, but it’s never felt right. Something is always off, and it never quite […]

History of the Suit: Part 2

A follow-up post from part 1, read more about where suits are heading: Popular Culture The modern workplace more often than not doesn’t require employees to wear formal attire. Things are shifting to a comfortable and relaxed environment which encourages everyday clothing. From startup culture famously, and perhaps ironically, wearing hoodies, to laid back office […]

History of the Suit: Part 1

We know and understand suiting and work with brands that “get it”. For those in the industry, or those who can appreciate a good suit – this one is for you. The modern men’s suit which exists today was made possible by a fashion journey starting from over 400 years ago. Originally a traditional attire […]