History of the Suit: Part 2

A follow-up post from part 1, read more about where suits are heading:

Popular Culture

The modern workplace more often than not doesn’t require employees to wear formal attire. Things are shifting to a comfortable and relaxed environment which encourages everyday clothing. From startup culture famously, and perhaps ironically, wearing hoodies, to laid back office culture, it’s less common to see suiting dominate the workplace.

Many industries still maintain suiting in the workplace. Seen on popular TV shows such as “Suits” (hey, it’s in the name) showcasing lawyers, it is still the go-to outfit in many professional environments. Unless you’re in banking or another industry where it’s expected, you may see your boss dress up or a sartorial connoisseur express themselves with suiting on the regular.

And of course within the wedding industry, when you’re walking down the aisle you may also see beautiful suiting and tuxedos.

The future of suits

Within the next ten years, what do we predict? Men who appreciate fine garments will continue to challenge the status quo by wearing suits and redefine what workwear means.

The next generation of businessmen are dynamic and appreciate the look and feel that a well-cut suit provides. Whether it’s a simple jacket for the workplace, going out or having dinner – formal wear can make or break your image. With more options than ever, the availability and affordability will get more and more competitive.

When searching for your next suit make sure you find one that fits you well and is not too loose or is too trendy that it will be out of style next season.

The fit is everything. From a $100 off the rack to a custom bespoke tailored suit – make sure the shoulders, sleeve length, chest and waist work for your body type. A well fitted fast-fashion suit can look as good if not better than a custom suit if it checks all the right boxes.

While we’ve only just scratched the surface, we hope you learned something new. The modern suit is a beautiful journey in the evolution of style with a rich history. Perhaps we’ve yet to see what the suit of the future will look like, but we can predict that will always be a good choice if you want it – no matter the occasion.

The suit is not dead, long live the suit!